I shared the prophecy of the three sinkholes not many years ago on AbbyVisionTV. A lot have asked if the sinkholes have taken place yet. They have not and no, I am not about to give my speculations about dates, as I have no idea to when or how these sinkholes will take place. That’s for God to know and perform. I only hope that we stand alert about this prophecy and understand why it will happen.

The Prophecy

Three sinkholes will take place in Canada, Brasilia, and El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
It’s been almost three years since I heard those words both loud and clear. I still don’t take lightly what I saw in the vision that night. To this day, His Spirit compels me to warn others with the prophecy.
In the vision, I saw a big hole in the ground. Huge, massive, and deep were the only words that ran through my mind about that dark, perplexing hole. What is it? I wondered. God had called it a sinkhole, hence, it was a sinkhole. At the time, I hadn’t known what sinkholes were or anything near to it (I was never keen in Science in school) but after doing some research, I would compare what I saw to the liking of a crater. Craters are seen in space rather than earth, typically caused by the explosion or impact of a meteorite. Bizarre, I know, but I’m giving this comparison because in my vision, the hole held that kind of impact. But it was deep, and it was dark… and it was scary to my sixteen year old heart.
But God the Father was in this vision and His presence encouraged my soul. He was the one sending the sinkholes, I very well understood, and if I know my Lord at all, I can in confidence say, that we have nothing to fear. But for those who don’t know Him or those who slumber away in the church pews…

Mercy in Judgment

I’ve gotten the criticism and cackles from many about the sinkhole prophecy. Even the most beloved people in the Lord have turned their noses up and away from me due to my sharing this. But in acknowledging those who plainly want to know why the three sinkholes will take place, I do have an answer.
In these sinkholes, I see judgment. Judgment for the world’s nations. It was in this manner and attention that the Lord showed them to me and no scientific facts will ever change my mind about why these sinkholes will happen. God causes them and that’s that. Yet in this judgment, I see mercy. The mercy of the beloved Lord.
Many, many people do not know Christ. They serve idols and gods of their own, but do not recognize God as the One and Only. So He, in mercy, He gets their attention. He only knows to what extent He needs to go in order for someone to turn to Him. The Lord was going to destroy Nineveh because of their wickedness. He sent the prophet Jonah to warn them.
And Jonah began to enter the city on the first day’s walk. Then he cried out and said, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” Jonah 3:4 NKJV
You already know the astounding act the people in Nineveh did. Rather than curse Jonah and kill him for his offensive words against their city, they believed the Lord’s words and humbled themselves! And God had mercy, didn’t He? He cancelled the word against Nineveh and did not do as He planned because just by His fearful word, He had gotten them to wholly turn to Him. So you see, God’s disasters can bring someone, if not, a whole nation to their knees and make them cry out to the living God in repentance!

A Disaster for Revival

I believe that is one of the reasons that these sinkholes will take place. He’ll cause this calamity to happen in Canada, Brazil, and Puerto Rico to get the people turn to Him… and turn back to Him as well. Canadians, Brazilians, and Puerto Rican’s aren’t an unknown tribe who’ve never heard the Gospel, let me tell you. They’ve heard it and many times over. They know there is a God but they don’t serve Him. They know what their country allows is wrong yet they take part in its sins. There are those who once served Christ wholeheartedly but pulled back to follow their own will. The slumbering bride is drunk in pleasure, the churches are being impacted by the world, the nations are infested with darkness…
So God decides to send disaster and peril. He does it, I believe, not only to judge, but to bring revival.
I wouldn’t doubt that after the people had been carried off to Babylon during the days of Prophet Jeremiah, many of them turned back to their Lord fully. They had been so hardhearted, so subject to the wickedness of their own king, that they forgot (or simply rebelled) to the presence of Almighty God, the very reason their nation existed. But then this catastrophe happens and suddenly, there’s an awakening in their hearts. There is anguish for their sin, and deep repentance for it. And then, there is restoration back into their Lord’s arms.

This is what I believe these sinkholes are for. To, amidst destruction, resurrect the dead hearts and stir-up the slumbering ones.

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