Growing up were painful times. As a child, I was illegally removed by Child Protective Services. Two of my brothers died in the onslaught and I was held in foster institutions for almost a year.

It was in these trying years that I made Jesus my friend; He was all I had. Being so broken one night, I recall just crying out to Him for comfort. And He came. It was the first of many visits I’d later receive from the Lord.

But things spiraled downhill shortly after.


As I approached my teenage years, I pulled away from Jesus. I lived in pain from the trauma I had faced and no longer believed He “worked”. I turned to the world for an escape from my fears; I tried looking for the answer within myself to shake  my depression. I was very alone, feeling misunderstood by all around me. I craved acceptance and love; I desired just one person to know and hear me but trusted no one after a painful rejection from a friend. It crippled me; I felt worthless and I was hopeless.

As sad as I knew it was, a knife in the kitchen drawer seemed my best bet. I contemplated suicide daily.

It was in this dark time that I found Jesus again.


It was through a simply testimony given by a Hispanic teenager that I discovered God was real and I believed. But I was unaware of God’s love for me personally. All I wanted to do was get into heaven and escape destruction. But the Gospel changed me. The blood Jesus shed for me broke me and I was undone. I was accepted. Someone loved me.  Someone cared about me. Someone wanted to hear me.

Love Encounters

I became obsessed with Jesus. All I wanted to do was spend time with Him. His presence was real to me like anyone else though greater, and I was delighted to finally have the friend I had always desired.

It was in this time that God began speaking to me in supernatural encounters. I’d have dreams and visions; I witnessed the  angelic realm. I visited heaven and hell. I wondered what God desired me to do with the things He was sharing with me and while I sought the matter out, I was content simply experiencing the love I felt through the supernatural encounters.


I knew the Lord had a plan me. I just didn’t know what yet. I was only fifteen but really seeking His will. The answer soon came: write a book. I was to write a book about what I had seen in heaven. More instructions came: share what He told me. The things He had shared with me only could point into the direction that He was coming soon and we needed to be ready. But it wasn’t based in fear, but joy! Jesus loves His people so much that He’s returning for us and He wants us to return to Him as our First Love. This is the message.

So by humble means and through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I began sharing what I was seeing and hearing from God. And so, AbbyVision began.


Several years have past but I still hold the vision I was given and look forward to sharing it with whoever will lend the ear. My hope is that some of the struggles I’ve faced and overcome can help you. My prayer is that you’ll be embraced by His agape love through some of the encounters I’ve had. My deepest desire with AbbyVision is to stir up passion inside of you to experience Jesus, to fall in love with Him, and teach you to live like He’s just a breath away.

Because He is.