In continuance with last weeks post, I think it’s best to dive into the “Rapture Ready” message I received in 2014. In that dream, there were four things that the Lord said His church could not lack in; that in order to be taken when He returned, we had to be found with these four things:
(1) Repentance and Forgiveness; (2) A Close Relationship with Christ; (3) Holy and Pure, White and Without Blemish; (4) Desiring Jesus to Return; Fear His Coming.

What could this all mean, we might wonder… Is it just the ‘seven-steps’ to heaven talk, or an all-new concept for Christianity to embrace?
When I had first received the dream, I hadn’t understood what the Lord meant. Though I believed the message, I worried on how it’d appear to the body of Christ. Would they believe such simple sounding words, view it merely as a”checklist” for being Rapture-Ready, or toss it away as heresy?
I prayed for much time about it, searching for His Spirit to give an interpretation. It wasn’t until this year that I understood the actuality, simplicity, and urgency of His words and am now able to confidently speak them…

The Simplicity

These four things are not anything above true followers of Christ, so no need to worry there. Quite frankly, these four things are only the fundamentals of a believer – they are what define the man or woman as a Christian.
I don’t believe these four things should be described as qualities, except we do know that in the Word of God, it is the standard for His children. Not that we should think we’ll accomplish such things on our own (it’s not a checklist), but there is something we must grasp and by the grace of God, do. Jesus said,

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Matt 16:24

These four things are all wrapped up in that one command, if I may say. If one follows Him, then being ready for the rapture is already found in the believer, as it is birthed the moment they surrender to Christ, and continually grows within them as they continue to serve Him. If a man or woman truly follows after the Lord, then I have no doubt they will be ready, deemed as the spotless bride of Christ rather than in lack, the moment He comes for them.

The Actuality

If we take a turn to the New Testament, we know that the apostles were always ready for Jesus’ coming. They had turned away from their life of sin, and believed in the Son of God; they communed with Christ – they were in love with Him; they were sanctified by the Holy Spirit; and they joyfully anticipated their King’s return, fearing Him as the Mighty One, knowing that if they didn’t believe, they’d fall short.
So why did the Lord have to give this ‘Rapture Ready’ message to His church, seeing that in following after Him, we would, in fact, be ready?

The Urgency of Being Ready

Because a lot of people in the churches of the day do not follow Christ. They think they do; they believe they’re going when He comes; they have everything of the outward part that would suggest themselves as a Christian yet inwardly their life has not been wholly turned over to Christ as the Gospel commands. They have yet to die to sin, yet to know Jesus personally, yet to be transformed inside-out by the Holy Spirit… and why in the world would they even think on His return?
Jesus sees this – He knows about this group of people very well; those who say they are His but do not do the things He commands. No matter how convincing they are to the world, no one can pull the wool over the King’s searching eyes, the Lord who tries the reins of man’s heart.
Are these really the people that Jesus, the Holy One, will come back for?

By “Rapture Ready”, the Lord is saying He is only returning for the real Bride – those who truly know and serve Him. But for those who don’t, He is faithfully reaching out and beckoning them to give up their life and abide in His! But make no mistake – Jesus is laying down the law and warning.
Are you ready to go back to the way He first ordained His people?

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