I recently had a dream that concerned the bride of Christ. With the amount of revelation that was in it, I’ve found it very difficult to put the whole dream in one blog post; that’s the reason I’m dividing it up through several. I shared a part of it last week on the blog, the subject having to do with the bride sleeping. But as I had mentioned, not all in the body of Christ were in this slumber. In my dream, there were those who were wakeful, and they were identified by the Lord as His true bride!

The Contrast

I find a confirmation to this distinction (as in, some are sleeping and others are awake) in Matthew 24 when Jesus speaks of the faithful and evil servant (24:45-51). Both were servants, and at one point, both were expecting their Master’s return, yet only one of them remained faithful to Him. In reference to the sleeping and the wakeful, all in His body of believers are His bride, but only one group is being identified as His true bride, the one which He will return for. Again, evidence of this contrast is in Matthew 25, when Jesus tells the parable about ten virgins: all were called virgins, but only five were wise (25:1-4). The foolish virgins, though called virgins, were not ready for the Bridegroom when He came; they weren’t welcomed to enter the marriage like the others. When asked to join Him, the Lord told them, “I know you not” (10-12).
Some who are His aren’t going to go with Him because of their passivity in knowing, loving, and serving Him. On the contrary, those who are passionately in love with Him will hear His call and enter into His glory.

What Passionate Love Looks Like

A true bride will be passionately in love with her groom. And the people who Jesus considers to be His true bride are passionate about Him! They are entirely devoted (Joh. 12:3), so recklessly abandoned (Lu. 9:23), and completely taken by His life (Ga. 2:20). Nothing else matters to them but knowing Him, the Lover of their soul (Php. 3:10; So. 2:16).
Unlike those who sleep, the true bride hasn’t and will never be moved by the lies told about their Lord; they know Him too well by their constant dependence on Him, and continual abidance in Him. The true bride doesn’t need a date for His return, neither heeds the many speculations given about her Bridegroom’s whereabouts, for she herself knows He comes, senses His nearness and recognizes His own call to her; she holds fast to the precious words He’s spoken to her heart, refusing to entertain anything other than His own command to her. It doesn’t matter at what time He comes for her; the true bride is ready and expecting Him always because she’s in love with Him. That’s the revelation I was given in my dream. Passionate love is what defines the true bride; and it is all that is needed in Jesus, as it fulfills all.
Jesus said to him,

“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” Matt. 22:37-40

Now it is true that in these days many people – whether religious or worldly – declare a love for the Lord… but it is not a passionate love that is awakened from personally meeting and knowing Him. The true bride is not yoked to legalism, neither enslaved to fleshly, compromised living; the true bride has forsaken all for His sake, keeping steadfast devotion to Him until He is revealed. She does not care for anything, makes no search for another, and does nothing but love Him every moment of her existence.

What We Must Do

What can we say? If we are not passionate about Jesus; if we are not totally devoted to being with Him, recklessly abandoned to our life to serve Him, and unmoved by His resurrected life then we are not in love with Him. And that totally eradicates being a true bride. Without love, we are nothing but passive lovers, inactive to His heart and will and unresisting to all others (i.e. accepting lies and falling asleep).
But if after reading what the Lord has showed me about His bride has turned your heart; if you have been convicted of your own passivity towards Him, then I have encouragement for you. For I see the Lord, while not condoning sinfulness and slumber, still with an outstretched hand to any who’d come to Him honestly and brokenly. He’s calling you to rise up out of your confusion, to shake off religiosity, and give up sin-indulgent living. He’s commanding you to put to death anything and all that’s kept you from Him, and personally inviting you to return to His love and make Him your life once more.

Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works. Rev. 2:5

Dear bride, just love Him. Just passionately love Him! That’s all you need to do! For when we have our eyes lovingly fastened on Jesus, there is no room for anything to come in between us and Him; passionately loving Him eliminates all that’d try to get in the way of Who He is and what He said. We’ll know our Good Shepherd (Jn. 10:14), and only hear and follow His voice (10:27); we’ll be enabled to obey Him (Jn. 14:15-16) and take heed to every word uttered by Him (14:23-24), faithfully waiting and ready for His coming (Matt. 24:45-46).

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