ABBY ELIJAH carries an overwhelming passion for Jesus and desires to lead others to know and love Him intimately. Called by God as a young girl, she seeks to proclaim a vision that will draw hearts back to His.
A former homeschooler, Abby is a blog contributor to GOD TV. She resides in Maryland.

ABBY’S STORY: Abby was raised in Puerto Rico and lovingly brought up in the teachings of Jesus by her parents. When Abby was seven years old, she was removed by Child Protective Services and lived in different foster institutions for almost a year. Though a traumatizing experience, including the death of two siblings, molestation, and disease, it furthered Abby’s faith in the Lord, Who reunited her family years later. However, entering into her teen years, sent Abby downhill. Depressed by her past experiences, Abby turned to the world and pop culture to find joy and freedom, though was only brought deeper into despair, insomuch that she contemplated ending her life. When she was fourteen, she heard the testimony, ‘Hell is Real, I’ve Been There!’ by Jennifer Perez. Convicted, Abby gave her heart to Christ. She was radically transformed. It was then that the Lord began speaking to Abby in visions, showing her Heaven and appearing to her many times with messages He desired her to share with others. She began writing her first book at age sixteen and later established AbbyVision.

Abby firmly believes she was drawn close by Jesus and shown Heaven so that others could run after Him – “Draw me, we will run after thee.” (Song of Solomon 1:4)

Abby longs to see today’s young women turn from the world and follow Jesus with radical abandon. She has been featured in She is Set Apart, Exist2Worship, and Let’s Be Frank.