Welcome, friend.  This is a place that I pray will inspire you to reach a place, the secret place of God. Many of the things I share through this blog is birthed through the quiet moments I spend with Jesus. He’s revealed so much of Himself to me and He wants you to know Him for yourself too! My hope is that some of the struggles I’ve faced and have overcome can help you. My prayer is that you’ll be embraced by His agape love through some of the encounters I’ve personally had with Jesus. My deepest desire is to stir up passion inside of you to experience Jesus, to fall in love with Him, and teach you to live like He’s just a breath away.


My name is Abby Elijah. I am a writer and prophetic voice known as AbbyVision.


My mission as this voice is to call the body of Christ back to Jesus, your First Love and prepare your heart to meet Him face to face. Through this blog, I simply share what I am told by the Lord and seek to provide resources to awaken slumbering hearts, stir-up passion to know Christ personally and intimately, and equip you for His glorious return.